The Design | Episode #2

In the latest episode, Harry Booth and Dan Wilkinson talk us through Loop’s unique design. 


Dan is OSIN’s talented and award-winning product designer, responsible for creating Loop’s unique form and feel. Dan believes in designing functional, meaningful products that are a pleasure to interact with every day and make people feel better just by looking at them.

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Function over form

Loop's design is centred around providing the optimum amount of light to regulate your circadian rhythm. The height and angle of the stand have been purpose-built to deliver light to the eye, while Loop’s iconic shape is tailored to minimise glare. But just because a product puts function first doesn’t mean it has to compromise on looks. Dan says he aspired to create a product that would look at home on anyone’s desk.

Loop will be available for order in late March, 2022 in limited quantities. Pre-order yours now.


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