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Why Loop

Loop mimics the circadian spectrum found in natural sunlight to provide
the right light throughout the day, keeping your body clock in sync and
your circadian rhythm aligned. This is light to live by, not see with!

Healthy Sleep

Social jet lag throws your natural sleep–wake cycle out of alignment, affecting the timing, duration, and quality of your sleep. This makes you feel dull and sluggish and also affects the performance of your metabolic and immune systems. Loop can correct this misalignment, restoring the natural balance and improving energy levels, cognitive ability, and mood.

Healthy Body

The benefits of circadian alignment extend beyond good sleep. The correct timing of critical biological functions ensures your body is operating at its best. Your immune system will operate more efficiently, better able to stop inflammation and fight off disease. Your metabolic system will get back up to speed, and your cardiovascular function will also improve.

Healthy Mind

How you think, and feel, and think you feel are all affected by circadian alignment. With Loop lighting up your life and everything back in sync, you can look forward to significant psychological benefits – an uplift in mood, improved intellectual acuity, and greater resistance to stress-related mood disorders.

If you don’t feel the difference within 30 days, return it. No questions asked.

We’re confident that you’ll love your Loop. If after 30 days you aren’t feeling and sleeping better, return it and we’ll give you your money back. Read our returns policy here.

90% of office workers prefer a desk by a window

Result based a survey of 1,000 participants across New Zealand and Australia. When asked why they preferred a window, respondents consistently ranked ‘access to natural light’ above temperature, fresh air, or a window view. It goes to show we don’t just need natural light—we crave it.

loop features

How it Helps

Loop is a personal circadian desk lamp designed to supplement your
existing visual lighting and deliver an optimal dose of circadian light.

Brighter days, darker

Loop has two modes. During daytime hours, it delivers an optimal dose of active circadian light with a distinctive sky-blue/cyan hue. After 6 pm, it switches to night mode and produces the passive, soft amber light your body needs to prepare for sleep.

Timing is everything

Loop synchronises itself to your time zone, so you will always get the right light at the right time. It transitions automatically between active and passive settings, so you know you’re getting the light you need.

loop launch

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Loop will be available for dispatch to customers in March 2022, in limited quantities. Reserve your Loop now with a fully refundable deposit. We invite innovators and wellness advocates to join Loop’s beta-testing programme now!

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