Light for weight loss

Could light really help you lose weight?

For years we've been told diet and exercise the two keys to weight management. But using light to stay lean? That sounds wild. Yet, there's a growing body evidence showing that exposure to bright light during the day and darkness at night correlates with leaner body weight.

The connection between your light exposure and body weight is explained by lights role in setting your circadian rhythm, the body's internal biological clock.

Your circadian rhythm might be the missing piece of the puzzle for weight loss

The timing of your body's internal clock—the circadian rhythm—plays an important, but largely overlooked role in determining your weight. In addition to regulating your sleep-wake cycle, the circadian rhythm governs the release of the hormones that make you feel hungry or satisfied. It also influences the rate of your metabolism. If your circadian rhythm is well-aligned, you're on track to achieving your weight goals. On the other hand, for every hour your circadian rhythm is out of sync, your chances of being overweight grow by a third.

Circadian disruption at an all time high

Today, two thirds of people's circadian rhythm's are misaligned by at least an hour. Those who spend large parts of the day indoors are most at risk.

Humans evolved to use the brightness of sunlight and darkness of night to sync our circadian rhythms with the day-night cycle. But our world looks nothing like that of our ancestors. If you work indoors, you probably spend as much as 90% of your life indoors, away from sunlight. Artificial lights lack the spectrum and intensity to set the circadian rhythm. And at night, our retinas are blasted with an amount of blue light our ancestors could only dream of. This mismatch of light exposure pushes your circadian rhythm out of sync.

The key to a well-aligned circadian rhythm: brighter days and darker nights

At night, minimise your exposure to artificial blue light by dimming the lights in your home and the screens of any devices. And support your circadian rhythm during the day by spending extended periods exposed to sunlight—either outdoors or next to a window.

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