Our story: Why we developed a product like the Loop

Written by: Caray Viegas



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Over the course of two years, our dedicated team poured their hearts and souls into developing a product that goes beyond mere illumination. Loop is not just a lamp—it's a beacon of hope, driven by a deeply personal mission to enhance lives and end circadian disruption.

Through tireless research, collaboration with leading experts, and countless iterations, we've channelled our personal experiences into the creation of Loop - a desk lamp that mimics the natural progression of sunlight, nurturing a healthy sleep-wake cycle and fostering a heightened sense of well-being. In this blog, we will delve into Ralph's personal experiences and how Loop was conceived through his learnings.

About me

Ralph Booth - Osin's Founder

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to wake up in the morning. I have memories of being in trouble for arriving late to class after sleeping through my alarm clock.


Things did not improve as I transitioned into adult life. I would often struggle through the day, feeling under-slept, only to feel wide awake when I needed to go to bed. I never realised anything was wrong, and assumed I just wasn't a morning person.

Ralph Booth Founder of OSIN

The conference that changed everything

Seven years ago, I found myself surrounded by cutting-edge lighting researchers and academics at a conference in Las Vegas. That is where I heard from several researchers who were concerned about the health effects of conventional lighting and the time we spend indoors. They explained light's role in synchronising our body clock with the sun and how our modern lifestyles can disrupt this balance.

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"I would often struggle through the day, feeling under-slept, only to feel wide awake when I needed to go to bed."

The frustration

That was over 7 years ago, and despite what we knew about light's impact on our health and well-being, nothing was being done.


After my partner went through a massive operation, I naively believed that the recovery rooms in hospitals would have some sort of circadian lighting. I was wrong. In fact, circadian lighting scientist Dr Martin Moore-Ede estimates “Fewer than 0.5% of lights sold today protect circadian health by altering their blue content across day and night,”

Our purpose: Ending circadian disruption

Our circadian rhythm goes beyond just being a sleep product. It is responsible for regulating more than just our sleep/wake cycle - it influences our organs, hormones, cells, and more. Therefore, circadian disruption can influence every aspect of our health- from our gut health to our cardiovascular system. 


For too long, the way we design and light buildings has lagged behind our understanding of light’s impact on our well-being. And at Osin, we think you shouldn’t have to wait for it to catch up. We believe everyone deserves the light they need to live their best lives. 


Here at Osin, we light for people and not projects. We believe that people should be able to take control of their circadian health, regardless of where they work. 

Loop on desk next to laptop

The Loop

That's why we designed Loop. The Osin Loop is the world's most advanced circadian table light. Loop’s globally unique light spectrum is specially calibrated to fill in the standard white light LED spectrum dip to improve your health through circadian entrainment. The blue light emitted by Loop helps to boost productivity, improve sleep quality and encourage better health. 

An estimated 87% of office workers suffer from social jetlag - a form of circadian disruption. Loop’s spectrum is the only one in the world that follows the recommendations for circadian light as set out in the Recommendations for daytime, evening, and nighttime indoor light exposure to best support physiology, sleep, and wakefulness in healthy adults” report.

During the day, Loop emits a powerful blue light and transitions to a soothing amber tone at night, acting like a sunset at your desk. Easy to retrofit, Loop meets the current standards and recommendations for circadian lighting, improving metrics like CRI and R9 values. Loop is energy-efficient, using only 6.5 watts of power, Bluetooth-enabled and automatically adjusts to your time zone. Manufactured in NZ, Loop is built to last for at least 10 years.