Osin light score quiz

Written by: Caray Viegas



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A new way to measure light's impact on your health

Our team of lighting experts have distilled 100's of hours of research into a 5-minute quiz.

Your light score aims to measure whether you're getting enough daylight during the day, what your evening light exposure looks like and how aligned your circadian rhythm is.

3 easy steps

1) Tell us about yourself

Take our quiz and tell us about your relationship with light.

2) Get personalised tips

We’ll recommend the habits based on your unique situation and goals.

3) Unlock your potential

Seamlessly integrate better light habits into your daily routine.

Personalised to you

While general advice is good, your situation is unique. That’s why we’ve developed a quiz that gives instantaneous, personalised insights that are tailored to you.

Achieve your health goals

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