Take control of your circadian rhythm with the Osin Loop

Written by: Harry Booth



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The problem

Our modern lives are disconnected from our circadian biology

Humans evolved to use sunlight to keep our body clock in sync. But many of us now spend our days indoors, away from natural light. As a result, millions of people now live with their body clocks out of sync with their lifestyles, causing fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and increasing the risk of chronic diseases. We made it our mission to offer people a solution.

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Meet the Osin Loop

The circadian desk lamp for office workers

The Osin Loop is a new kind of desk lamp that supports your circadian rhythm by mimicking natural light. Whether at the office or home, place an Osin Loop on your desk and just like that, you’re getting the precise wavelengths of light when you need them to feel and perform your best.