Using light to improve energy

How is your lighting impacting your energy?

No, really, take a second to think about it. Is the room you are reading this in dimly lit, dark and moody, clinically bright or perhaps flooded with natural light? If you’re observant, you’ll notice that some lights, particularly warmer, dimmer ones, can make you feel sleepier and unfocused, whereas certain types of lighting can make you feel alert.

This isn’t just anecdotal. Research shows that blue-enriched lighting boosts productivity and increases energy levels. The biggest source of blue light is actually the sun, and light from the sun, rich in blue wavelengths, boosts alertness, elevates mood and increases energy levels.

Exposure to natural light

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that workers with more exposure to natural light experienced better sleep quality and overall quality of life.

Impact on Office Environments:

A study by the American Society of Interior Designers found that employees working in environments with natural light reported higher well-being and productivity levels.

Daylight and Learning:

Natural light is not only beneficial for workplaces but also for educational settings. A study published in the journal "Building and Environment" found that students in classrooms with more natural light had better test scores and improved performance.

Daylight sets your body’s internal time

Your biological clock controls almost every system in the body, from the sleep-wake cycle to your immune and cardiovascular systems. Crucially, for your energy, it regulates the production of hormones, including cortisol and melatonin— known to impact sleep and alertness.

Humans evolved to use sunlight to sync our circadian rhythms with the natural environment. We rely on bright, blue light during the day and darkness at night to align our internal clock with the earth’s day-night cycle.

We spend 90% of our lives indoors

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles clash with our circadian biology. Dimly lit offices during the day and excessive exposure to blue light at night wreak havoc on our internal clocks. 

The result? Almost 90% of office workers suffer from circadian disruption. Circadian disruption is like a perpetual state of mild jetlag. If your circadian rhythm is out of sync, you might find it difficult to wake up in the mornings, feel unable to maintain energy and alertness during the day and struggle to get quality sleep at night. 

We help office workers live better with light

87% of office workers suffer from a disrupted circadian rhythm. Recognising the challenge most office workers face, we designed the Osin Loop.

The Loop emits precisely the wavelengths that calibrate your circadian rhythm. Research demonstrates that this targeted blue light can improve sleep quality and duration


My sleep improved and I found myself more focused during the days. It doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful product - I had the coolest looking desk in the lab!


The light looks fabulous and easy to set up. Still, too early to tell whether it work on the circadian clock but I do feel sleepier at night for the last couple of nights .


Just like a mother's kiss. I just live the soft changing of light colour. The amber one I feel like it is embracing my whole senses!


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