Using light to improve productivity

The number one office perk

Have you ever wondered what truly makes or breaks a productive workspace? In late 2020, we here at Osin set out to answer that question by surveying 1,000 office workers across Australia and New Zealand. Surprisingly, over 90% emphasised the importance of temperature, lighting, and ventilation, with noise trailing closely at 85%. 

Our survey echoes the sentiments of 1,600 North Americans, revealing the number one office perk - surpassing standing desks or any other wellness trend - was natural light.

Our craving for natural light is rooted in our biology

Humans evolved to use the changes in sunlight to sync our circadian rhythms with the natural environment. You rely on bright, blue light during the day (think blue sky) and darkness at night to align your internal clock with the earth’s day-night cycle. These spectacular biological clocks control almost every system in the body, including when you feel alert or unfocused. 

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles clash with our circadian biology. Dimly lit offices during the day and excessive exposure to blue light at night wreak havoc on our internal clocks. 

The result? Almost 90% of office workers suffer from circadian disruption. Circadian disruption is like a perpetual state of mild jetlag. If your circadian rhythm is out of sync, you might find it difficult to wake up in the mornings, feel unable to maintain energy and alertness during the day and struggle to get quality sleep at night.

We design circadian light to empower office workers

87% of office workers suffer from a disrupted circadian rhythm. Recognising the challenge most office workers face, we designed the Osin Loop.

The Loop emits precisely the wavelengths that calibrate your circadian rhythm. Research demonstrates that this targeted blue light can improve sleep quality and duration

Benefits of circadian lighting:

- Increased Alertness: Studies reveal that exposure to circadian lighting significantly boosts vitality and alertness.

- Improved Sleep Quality: Circadian lighting regulates your sleep-wake cycle, leading to better sleep quality at night.

- Enhanced Mood and Well-being: Morning exposure to blue-enriched light positively affects mood and visual comfort.

- Reduced Eye Strain and Fatigue: Blue-enriched circadian lighting helps reduce eye strain and fatigue associated with prolonged screen time.

-Boosted Energy Levels: Aligning your body's rhythm with Loop's lighting cues increases energy and vitality.

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