Using light to improve sleep

The bright side of blue light

You’ve probably heard that blue light is terrible for your sleep. And while that has a nice ring, it’s not entirely accurate. The biggest source of blue light is actually the sun (shocking, right?), and light from the sun, rich in blue wavelengths, boosts alertness, elevates mood and supports the circadian rhythm—the internal clock that governs your sleep-wake cycle. That’s a long sentence, but one that simply says getting exposure to blue light during the day helps you sleep better. One study found that participants slept for 37 minutes longer after only one week in an office environment with optimised daylight. 

This concept is very well-established in the scientific community. Daylight, or lamps like the Osin Loop, which mimic daylight, are known to:

• Promote melatonin production
• Help you fall asleep faster
• Enhance sleep quality
• Help you stay asleep longer

Unpacking the blue light myth

So why does blue light have a bad rap? The problem isn’t with blue light itself. It’s all about the timing. Humans evolved to use the changes in sunlight to sync our circadian rhythms with the natural environment. We rely on bright, blue light during the day (think blue sky) and darkness at night to keep our internal clock aligned with the earth’s day-night cycle. These spectacular biological clocks control almost every system in the body, from our sleep-wake cycle to our immune and cardiovascular systems. 

But our modern lifestyles look nothing like the conditions for which our circadian biology is adapted. We spend most of the day inside dimly lit offices with little access to natural light. And at night, our retinas are blasted with an amount of blue light our ancestors could only dream of. From the lights in our homes to the devices in our hands. 

Disrupted circadian rhythms

Our modern light schedules have serious consequences, with 87% of office workers suffer from a disrupted circadian rhythm. Research suggests that prolonged exposure to blue light in the evening can suppress melatonin (the hormone that makes you feel sleepy) and interfere with the body's ability to prepare for sleep. 

The key to a healthier circadian rhythm is brighter days and darker nights. Knowing what you know, you can use light to improve your sleep.

Brighter days

During the day

-Try and get outside as much as possible during the morning and afternoon

-Open the blinds or curtains as soon as you wake up

-Work within 2m of an uncovered window while you are at your desk

-If you can’t work within 2m of a window, use a lamp that mimics daylight, like the Osin Loop, for as much as possible while at your desk. 

Darker nights

During the night

-Establish a bedtime routine: Engage in calming activities before bedtime to signal your body that it's time to sleep.

-Limit screen time: Avoid electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime to minimise exposure to blue light.

- Invest in quality sleep accessories: Consider blackout curtains, sleep masks, and ambient lighting with zero blue, like an Osin Loop or BedtimeBulb


My sleep improved and I found myself more focused during the days. It doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful product - I had the coolest looking desk in the lab!


The light looks fabulous and easy to set up. Still, too early to tell whether it work on the circadian clock but I do feel sleepier at night for the last couple of nights .


Just like a mother's kiss. I just live the soft changing of light colour. The amber one I feel like it is embracing my whole senses!


Promising Results

“One of the most effective sleep devices!I have been using this now (in my poorly lit warehouse office) for over 6 months and am pleased to report that my sleep length has improved from an average of 6.45 a night to an average of 8 hours. Furthermore, the quality of this sleep has improved, with wakefulness dipping down 20%.”

As a sleep coach, Sandy has been tracking her sleep for years using her iWatch Ultra. With quantifiable data, Sandy is confident that the Osin Loop has helped to improve her sleep. 5/5

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