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Shine Bright With Your Personal Style

Express your personal style and elevate your desk space with the OSIN Loop. Ideal for both men and women, this stylish lamp is designed to make a statement. The Loop is not only functional but also adds a touch of sleek yet feminine sophistication to your desk setup. Experience the perfect fusion of aesthetics and practicality, creating a desk space that reflects your unique personality.

Functionality Redefined

The Loop lamp is not just about looks; it redefines functionality too. With its ability to target your internal body clock directly, this desk accessory provides a seamless user experience. It begins with an invigorating blue shade and gradually shifts to a calming amber as the evening progresses. Upgrade your desk space today with Loop, which combines style and functionality in one elegant product.

Why Loop?


Our circadian rhythm impacts our entire body. From our metabolism and stress and anxiety levels to our cardiovascular systems. The Loop gives you more control over your health and wellbeing.


Sleep, productivity, and our environment are important factors in feeling our best. If you struggle to get a good nights rest and feel like it impacts your performance, The Loop will improve your sleep.

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Step into a brighter, healthier future by bringing the outside in and enhancing your relationship with light. Discover the benefits of harnessing the power of the right light at the right time to improve your overall health, sleep quality, and productivity

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