The science behind
circadian alignment.

A new frontier
of health.

Our circadian clock controls almost every system in our bodies — from our sleep-wake cycle and mood to our metabolic and immune systems, and there's a growing consensus amongst scientists that the circadian rhythm is the new frontier in improving health.

OSIN seeks to be at the forefront of this innovation by using lighting technology to support circadian alignment.

Grounded in science.
Not marketing claims.

From the outset we knew we’d be met with scepticism, because in recent years people have been hit by a tsunami of generic sleep products. Most of these so-called sleep solutions ignore our underlying circadian biology and the light that sets it.

Light is what sets our bodies’ internal time.

Light is the major cue that sets your circadian rhythm. Specialised cells in the eyes signal to your circadian clock to sync with the planet’s day-night cycle. These cells are only sensitive to a narrow bandwidth of blue-sky light, peaking at 490 nm.

Modern lighting defies the basic facts
of our circadian biology.

We spend most of the day indoors, where artificial lighting lacks enough of the sky-blue light we need during the day, yet has too much of it at night.

The result is a perpetual circadian twilight, whereby our circadian rhythm can no longer align with the day-night cycle, causing many downstream health issues including impacting sleep, cognition, and increasing the risk of several chronic diseases.


We’ve built the most advanced
circadian desk lamp.

Loop fills the dip in the spectrum of conventional lighting with everything you need during the day and nothing you don’t at night to bring your workspace lighting up to the levels recommended by experts.

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Loop supports more than sleep.

Your circadian rhythm regulates about 60% of your body’s functions, including cognitive function and the cardiovascular, immune and metabolic systems. It’s no wonder that a growing body of scientific literature shows the benefits of a healthy circadian rhythm are far-reaching.

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lighting experts

Our team proudly includes a former circadian rhythm researcher and subject matter expert, and collectively over 35 years experience in the lighting industry.

Our approach is grounded in expert consensus from a diverse range of disciplines including chronobiology, sleep research, and lighting.

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