Using light to improve
mental health

Sunshine really can improve your mood, but not in the way that you think

The common sense idea that sunny days make us happier isn’t well supported by scientific research. On the other hand, the effect of daily exposure to the sun's rays on mental well-being—even when filtered by clouds—is well documented.

The largest-ever study examining the interplay between light exposure and mental health, with nearly 87,000 participants, revealed that those exposed to high amounts of daylight reduced their risk of depression by 20%. The reason? Wavelengths in sunlight calibrate your body’s internal clock.

Daylight sets your body’s internal time

Your biological clock controls almost every system in the body, from the sleep-wake cycle to your immune and cardiovascular systems.

Crucially, for your mental health, it regulates the production of hormones, including dopamine, serotonin and melatonin—all known to impact mood.

Humans evolved to use sunlight to sync our circadian rhythms with the natural environment. We rely on bright, blue light during the day and darkness at night to align our internal clock with the earth’s day-night cycle.

Lack of daylight is a risk factor for depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly known as SAD, underscores our dependence on daylight, affecting many during the winter with symptoms like low mood and fatigue.

Despite adequate sunlight for the circadian rhythm, even in the depths of winter, the colder temperatures and shorter days limit our opportunities to spend time outdoors—those confined to poorly lit offices with minimal exposure to natural light experience low mood year-round.

We create technology to help office workers live better with light

While not everyone’s mood is strongly affected by the lack of sunlight, for those who are, the Osin Loop may help stave off the winter blues and elevate your energy levels.

The Loop emits precisely the wavelengths that calibrate your circadian rhythm. Research demonstrates that this targeted blue light matches the effectiveness of standard 10,000 lux light therapy devices, all while maintaining a mere one-hundredth of the brightness, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the day.


I started using it in summer and didn’t notice much difference, but now that we are in winter I am not noticing as many of the usual seasonal effects


I am still trying to gauge the impact, but I can say that during periods where I would have generally experienced tiredness or non-interest, the Loop has improved my mental awareness and productivity.


Just like a mother's kiss. I just live the soft changing of light colour. The amber one I feel like it is embracing my whole senses!


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