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Why we verify ID
Before checking out, we ask all new subscribers to verify their ID. This is a security measure to ensure that subscribers who cancel return the product to us. The verification process is quick and secure. You'll need some photo ID and a proof of address. We take your privacy very seriously, which is why the process is encrypted end to end.
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A revolutionary new light for indoor workers

Developed by chronobiologists and lighting experts, Loop is a new kind of lamp that mimics natural light to support your circadian rhythm. Place one on your desk and just like that you’re getting the precise wavelengths of light when you need them to feel and perform your best.

What your membership includes


The Loop

Your trial includes Loop: a state-of-the-art supplementary light that can bring any office's light levels in line with expert recommendations. 

The app

The app allows you to control Loop's time zone, dim Loop's glow at night, and ensure your firmware is up to date.

Support and protection

At any point during your trial, our friendly team is here to help. And if anything goes wrong with your device, we'll replace it free as long as you're a subscriber.

Crucial health benefits

Improve sleep

Users report falling alseep faster and sleeping better. That's because light sets the circadian rhythm, which regulates your sleep cycle.

Mental Health

 Light massively influences our mental well-being. A healthy relationship with light reduces risk of depression and other mental illnesses.

Weight loss

Light regulates your appetite and metabolic rate, making it a vital—but often overlooked—part of maintaining a heathy weight.


Kiss that sluggish feeling goodbye. Studies demonstrate that improving your relationship with light improves energy levels.


A healthy relationship with light is a powerful predictor of your healthspan, reducing your risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.


Have more light-bulb moments with better light. Supplementary light can improve cognitive performance, reaction time, and productivity.

Real people. Real results

Read what our satisfied customers have to say
My sleep improved and I found myself more focused during the days. It doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful product - I had the coolest looking desk in the lab!


Neuroscience PhD

One of the most effective sleep devices! I am pleased to report that my sleep length has improved from an average of 6.45 a night to an average of 8 hours. 

Sandy Hall

Sleep Coach

This is a game changer. It has made such a big difference to me and my work. It doesn't bother me in any way whatsoever, but I know that it's making a difference to my biological clock.

Roger Sutherland

Host of A Healthy Shift Podcast

I strongly credit the Loop for the consistent sleep I've been getting. Truly had no idea how imperative proper light exposure is to sleeping at the appropriate times.




Double your daylight

Loop emits 2x the daylight equivalent of standard lighting whilst appearing remarkably comfortable. To achieve this, precisely calibrated LEDs target the light-sensitive eye cells that set the circadian rhythm.





Wind down naturally

With Loop, you'll experience a gorgeous sunset at your desk, reminding you its time to wind down. 


m-EDI at night


Blue light content

Setup is easy with our app

The Osin app allows you to set the time-zone of your Loop, so you automatically get the right light at the right time.

Developed with experts

Designed based on the latest circadian science, in collaboration with experts.
Meets emerging circadian standards
Third-party lab tested

  • Exceeds Brown et.al 2019's recommendation of ≥250 M-EDI during the day and ≤10 M-EDI in the evening in a real-world setting. 
  • Meets the WELL Building V3 recommendation of ≥275 EML in a real-world setting.

Independently testing by UL Solution's Circadian lab.  

Not just a colour changing bulb

There's plenty of colour-changing bulbs on the market. But none can produce Loop's biologically optimised spectrum for circadian alignment.

in the box


Power brick + travel adapters

To power your Loop no matter where your travels take you.

Osin Loop

The cutting edge of circadian lighting.

Recycled box

Made from 100% sustainable material.


Delivery and returns
Commercial sales

How's Loop different from other health lighting products?

Here are a few reasons why the Osin Loop is truly a one-of-a-kind product. 
Evidence-based design - The Osin Loop is the only supplementary light that meets the recommendations based on expert scientific consensus. Loop delivers >250 EDI during the day and <10 EDI in the evening. 
Spectrally optimised - The Osin Loop’s array of LEDs are spectrally tuned to the peak sensitivity of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (the photoreceptors that set the circadian rhythm). Because of this, the Osin Loop achieves the same biological effects as daylight while remaining incredibly energy-efficient and visually comfortable. 
Round the clock support - Most products focus on either day or nighttime use. the Osin Loop provides the optimum light around the clock, avoiding the need for two products. 
Set and forget - Once paired with our app, the Osin Loop syncs with your time zone and automatically transitions between day and night modes.

How's Loop different from other colour-changing lights?

Great question! 

The Osin Loop is designed to emit a specific band of blue light (peaking 480 nm) to reproduce the biological effects of sunlight. 

Colour-changing LEDs offer a wide range of colours, making them great for décor. However, they cannot emit light peaking at 480 nm, meaning they are not equally effective for circadian rhythm alignment. 

Is it safe to use loop for extended periods?

Yes, the longer you are exposed to it the better. The Osin Loop meets the recommended levels of light based on expert scientific consensus for optimum human health.

There are two kinds of blue light: blue-violet light (415-455 nm) and blue-sky light (465-495 nm). Although evidence is limited, some believe blue-violet light may harm the eyes. But the Osin Loop only emits blue-sky light, which in addition to being widely regarded as safe, is critical for aligning our circadian rhythms, which in turn maintain and regulate our sleep, mood and many other biological functions.
I've got lots of natural light where I work. Will I benefit from Loop?
We've created a 5-minute quiz to help you answer that question.
How soon will I notice an effect?
You may experience an immediate lift in energy from Loop; however, it can take up to ten days for your circadian rhythm to realign.

How does the subscription work?

You pay a monthly fee for a Loop. You can cancel anytime, but if you do you'll have to return your device. We offer a 30-day free trial, making the subscription a great option if you're keen to try Loop but not quite ready to commit. Osin retains ownership of your Loop, so if there's any hardware failure, we'll repair or replace it as long as you're subscribed.

Is the subscription rent to own?

No. It’s more like a gym membership. You can cancel anytime, but if you do you'll have to return your device. If subscriptions aren’t your thing, we still offer the option to purchase Osin Loop.

Why do we ask for ID verification?

Before we send a brand new product to someone trial, we'll ask for photo ID and a proof of address. This is a security measure to prevent any monkey business.

What happens if I cancel

If you decide to cancel, we’ll send you a return shipping ticket, and you’ll send the Osin Loop back to us. Failure to return your Loop or returning a damaged Loop will result in a bill for the cost of the damages.

Where can I find set-up instructions?

This 90-second video will run you through the entire set-up process.

Where should I place my Loop?

Place the Osin Loop wherever you spend the most time during the day. For most people, that is their desk. Position your Osin Loop 45º from your main display, at roughly an arm's length from your eyes. If you need extra help, check out this video, or contact us via the live chat.

Do I need an app to use Loop?

The Osin app is necessary for the initial set-up of the Osin Loop. It is used to synchronise your Loop to your time zone. However, once the Osin Loop is set up, you do not need to connect regularly for normal day-to-day operation. You could delete the app, and the Osin Loop would continue to perform normally. You would miss out on some functionality, such as being able to dim your Osin Loop when in amber mode, but otherwise, the Osin Loop will work as intended.

Can I manually change Loop's light schedule?

The Osin Loop syncs with your time zone so that it automatically turns blue in the morning and goes through a gradual sunset transition till amber light in the evenings. If your work schedule and wake times conflict with this scheduling, you might want to consider switching the Osin Loop’s time zone via the Osin app. By switching the time zone via the app, you can find a time of light delivery that works better for you. Contact us through live chat, and we can help you figure out if the Osin Loop is for you

Can Loop act as an alarm clock?

Not currently, we’ve designed the Osin Loop to live where you spend most of your day, for most people, that means their desk. The reason for this is research shows that blue-enriched light throughout the day has many health benefits. With that being said, we’ve had a number of people ask about scheduled turn-off/on functionality, and it’s something we plan to roll out via a software update at a later date. Even if you buy the Osin Loop now, you will receive all future updates.

I'm a shift-worker. Can Loop help?

It depends. We designed the Osin Loop to work for day workers who do not get enough light during the day. Unfortunately, with night shift work, there are so many types of schedules and patterns. This can vary depending on the number of days per week that you work nights, the length of daylight you get and what your weekend wake times look like. Contact us through live chat, and we can help you figure out if the Osin Loop is for you.

Does Loop have a warranty?

We offer a three-year warranty that covers any mechanical fault. For subscribers, we'll cover any mechanical fault as long as you remain subscribed.

Where do you ship?

We’ve partnered with DHL to offer shipping almost everywhere in the world. Shipping is calculated at checkout, and you’ll receive a tracking number as soon as your order is fulfilled.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept card payments (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.) We also accept Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal.

What about duties and taxes?

In New Zealand, Australia and The United States, you will not pay any import taxes on your order. In other jurisdictions, you may be liable to pay taxes. Check the rules where you live for more details. We know that might be frustrating, but Osin is not responsible for the import duties and taxes imposed by governments. If you return your Loop, we'll refund you for the value of your order but we won't cover any taxes you incurred.

What if Loop isn't what I expected

We offer 30-day free returns. Contact us at orders@osinlight.com and we'll send you a shipping ticket.
How long will Loop last?
Every Loop comes with a three-year warranty from the original date of purchase, but it should last much longer (if you look after it). The Osin Loop has a rated life of 10 years. In other words, every component, from the LED array to the integrated board, is rated to withstand 10 years of normal use. 

Speak with a human

Our friendly team are ready to help via live chat or email us at orders@osinlight.com.

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