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Are you tired of feeling down, sluggish, and unmotivated during the colder, darker months? Break free from the grip of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and let the transformative power of the Loop Light by OSIN Lighting brighten your days.

While we cannot make medical claims regarding SAD treatment, the Loop Light's ability to simulate sunlight can positively impact your mood, boost your energy levels, and bring a touch of radiance into your life.

Unlock the Power of the Loop Light

The Loop Light may not be a traditional SAD light, but it is a remarkable lighting solution that offers a myriad of advantages for those experiencing seasonal affective disorder.

Loop operates by synchronizing with your time zone and transitioning through different colors throughout the day to emulate natural light. It begins with an invigorating blue shade and gradually shifts to a calming amber as the evening progresses. This dynamic lighting experience aims to improve your sleep, enhance your mood, boost your energy levels, and enhance your overall well-being.


Loop supports more than sleep.


Read about how Loop’s design and features can help you increase your productivity, focus and concentration during the day.


Read about how Loop’s design and features can help you improve your health and wellness.

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Step into a brighter, healthier future by bringing the outside in and enhancing your relationship with light. Discover the benefits of harnessing the power of the right light at the right time to improve your overall health, sleep quality, and productivity

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