Osin Subscription Launch

Written by: Caray Viegas



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Loop now available via a monthly subscription

Here at Osin, we've been on a mission to make circadian lighting accessible and cost-effective to anyone who works in an office. That is why we are excited to announce something many of you have requested.

In January 2024, for the first time in history, we offered the chance to subscribe to circadian light.

Subscribing to our Starter plan means you’ll receive an Osin Loop and our extended protection plan for an affordable monthly fee.

1) Choose your membership

Your membership includes a Loop - a cutting-edge circadian light that supplements your workspace with the light you need, day in and day out. Learn more

Choose between our convenient monthly plan, an economical yearly plan (with a 20% discount), or the flexibility to make a one-time purchase if subscriptions aren't your thing.

2) Receive your Loop

Once your ID is verified, we will fulfil your order. Our helpful team is always available to help you with setup.

3) Feel the difference

If you decide Loop is not for you, you can cancel your membership and return it anytime. We offer free shipping and returns. 

Automatic updates 

Our circadian light, the Osin Loop, is Bluetooth-enabled. Once paired with the Osin app, Loop will sync to your timezone. With the app, you can control the light settings for your Loop. 

Any new features added to your Loop can be programmed from the app. 

Extended protection programme

If you experience defects with your Loop that aren’t caused by accidental damage or similar external factors, we’ll replace it for free. So long as you’re subscribed. If you opt to purchase Loop outright instead, we offer a 3-year warranty.


Is this rent to own?

No. It’s a membership (like a gym membership). Osin retains ownership of the Loop. If subscriptions aren’t your thing, we still offer the option to purchase Osin Loop outright.

What happens if I cancel?

If you decide to cancel, we’ll send you a return shipping ticket, and you’ll send the Osin Loop back to us.

What if I want to buy after subscribing?

If you've been a paying subscriber for 12 months and find yourself loving Loop (which we really hope you do), you can opt to purchase your Loop at 50% off the retail price.