Improve Your Mood and Productivity with Loop

Discover the Power of Warm vs. Cool White Lighting in Your Home

Warm vs. Cool White: Which is Right for You?

Are you tired of feeling unmotivated or grumpy? Do you find yourself struggling to stay energized throughout the day? Believe it or not, the color temperature of your lights could be the culprit.

Studies show that cool white light can help increase productivity and alertness during the day, while warm white light can help you relax and wind down at night. But who has the time to switch out light bulbs every few hours? That's where Loop Light comes in.

With our innovative product, you can effortlessly adjust the color temperature of your home's lighting to meet your needs and improve your overall well-being. Say goodbye to feeling sluggish or restless, and hello to a more comfortable and productive environment with Loop Light.

Transform your Home Lighting Experience

Ralph and the team's innovative Loop Light is the solution to the lack of blue light in our offices. Exposure to bright light in the mornings has been found to enhance our energy levels and cognitive performance, leading to increased productivity. Unfortunately, the artificial lights in our work areas often lack the blue light necessary to set our circadian rhythm, leaving us feeling lethargic and unfocused, decreasing productivity.

That's why we set out to bring the lighting of your work area up to the standards suggested by experts. Loop adjusts to your timezone and effortlessly switches between light temperatures to deliver the optimal amount of blue light, promoting alertness and focus during the day, as well as warm white light to induce relaxation and calmness at night.


Loop will improve your...






How does it work?

Whether in the bedroom or living room, place a Loop on your nightstand and it will deliver sleep-enhancing light to your surroundings.

Why Loop?


Our circadian rhythm impacts our entire body. From our metabolism and stress and anxiety levels to our cardiovascular systems. The Loop gives you more control over your health and wellbeing.


Sleep, productivity, and our environment are important factors in feeling our best. If you struggle to get a good nights rest and feel like it impacts your performance, The Loop will improve your sleep.

The OSIN purpose


I started using The Loop because I wanted a better sleep and it did not disappoint. I fall asleep easier, and stay asleep longer.


Working inside has benefits on cold days but it does suck on summer days to miss out on natural light and The Loop on my desk makes a difference to my mood and my sleep.


Has definitely improved my sleep. Looks cool too...