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The Revolutionary Solution to Blue Light Exposure

Blue Light Glasses: Hype or Health Revolution?

Fears that screens damage our eyes have been around for almost as long as the screens themselves. I remember my mum warning me that I'd get square eyes if I watched too much TV. Blue blocking glasses aren't new either. They first emerged in the 1980s when NASA realised astronauts needed extra protection from the stronger radiation in space2. But in recent years,' blue light' glasses have exploded in popularity as brands have tapped into the growing sense that we spend too much time on our devices.

Vendors claim that blue light from our devices is responsible for digital eye strain, headaches, and even permanent retinal damage. But can blue light really damage your eyes?

The Truth About Blue Light

Understanding Blue Light

Digital Eye Strain: Causes and Solutions

The Science
Say Goodbye to the Hype, and Hello to Health.

Unlike blue light glasses, Ralph and the team's innovative Loop Light delivers you the light you need, when you need it.

The Loop syncs to your timezone, ensuring you always get the best light you need to boost your cognitive function.

- Exposure to bright light in the mornings has been found to enhance energy levels and cognitive performance, leading to increased productivity.

- In contrast, insufficient or dim light can leave us feeling lethargic and unfocused, decreasing productivity.

With Loop Light, you can take control of your light exposure and improve your health, productivity, and overall well-being.


Loop will improve your...






How does it work?

Whether in your home or workspace, position a Loop nearby and experience the benefits of its life-enhancing light delivery.

Why Loop?


Our circadian rhythm impacts our entire body. From our metabolism and stress and anxiety levels to our cardiovascular systems. The Loop gives you more control over your health and wellbeing.


Sleep, productivity, and our environment are important factors in feeling our best. If you struggle to get a good nights rest and feel like it impacts your performance, The Loop will improve your sleep.

The OSIN purpose

Start Improving Your Health Today

Position a Loop nearby and experience the benefits of its life-enhancing light delivery.


I started using The Loop because I wanted a better sleep and it did not disappoint. I fall asleep easier, and stay asleep longer.


Working inside has benefits on cold days but it does suck on summer days to miss out on natural light and The Loop on my desk makes a difference to my mood and my sleep.


Has definitely improved my sleep. Looks cool too...



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