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The light for better health, sleep and productivity

Why we made this

We spend 90% of our lives indoors.

Indoor lighting lacks the elements our bodies need to regulate our internal clocks, which can disrupt our sleep and health. The Osin Loop is a new kind of desk lamp that provides the light you need to feel and perform your best.


Better well-being around the clock


Discover the ultimate sleep solution with the Osin Loop. Learn how its sleek design and circadian protocol can help you doze off like a pro and enjoy the sweetest, most restful sleep of your life.


Explore how the Osin Loop’s design and cutting-edge features can help you stay on top of your game, beat distractions, and supercharge your productivity, focus, and concentration.


Dive into how the game-changing science behind the Osin Loop can help you elevate your wellness game, achieve your fitness goals, and feel your absolute best both inside and out.

How it works

Place your Osin Loop

Position the Osin Loop roughly an arms-length away, at a 45º from your display, to ensure you get the light needed to set your body clock. The longer you are exposed to the Osin Loop, the better.

Get in sync

The Osin Loop automatically syncs with your timezone once paired with the companion app. The Osin Loop will then deliver the right light at the right time based on expert consensus.

Sunset at your desk

At night, the Osin Loop transitions to a warm amber glow, cutting out blue light, and preparing you for a restful night.

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What our customers are saying

Discover the Osin Loop for yourself

Try the Osin Loop for 30 days, and if you don’t love the way you feel, we’ll give you 100% of your money back.


As close to natural light as it gets


Remain energized and productive throughout the day

The bright blue light that the Osin Loop emits is scientifically proven to keep us feeling productive and able to concentrate during the day. The Osin Loop's spectrally optimised LEDs provide the wavelengths other lights miss, doubling the Effective Daylight Equivalent (EDI) of your workspace during the day.

Preparing your mind and body for restful nights

At night, the Osin Loop will transition into a warm amber glow, cutting out blue light to help you wind down and to promote melatonin production.


Part of your set up for years to come

3-year warranty

An investment in your well-being, built to stand the test of time.

Made in New Zealand

The Osin Loop is designed and manufactured using high quality materials in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Osin Loop

$399 USD

Satisfaction guarantee

Try the Osin Loop risk free. If you decide to return it within 30-days, we offer a full refund.

Early bird discount - only until July 2023

Loop for your team

At Osin, we make healthier, more productive teams. Make the Osin Loop a part of your business for enhanced workplace well-being.