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Shining the light on social jet lag

What do alarm clocks, caffeine, and weekend sleep-ins have in common? They are all things we do to manage our social jet lag – a misalignment of our body clock with our environment and lifestyles. Social jet lag is a form of circadian disruption and can have severe consequences for health and well-being. The good news is that there is a solution: light.

Misalignment comes at a cost

Your circadian clock controls many bodily functions, as well as the sleep–wake cycle. The adverse effects of social jet lag are very real. As well as affecting your mental focus and energy, it can impact sleep quality, weaken your immune system, and contribute to weight gain.

87% of non-shift workers suffer from social jet lag.

This finding is from a survey of over 65,000 participants, conducted by Roenneberg and colleagues at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany. The dataset excluded those who do night shift work. It goes to show just how widespread social jet lag is in our always on society.

41% of office workers spend less than an hour outside each day.

Result based a survey of 1,000 participants across New Zealand and Australia. The high percentage of respondents who spent little time outside reflects how challenging it is for office workers to get enough natural light by spending time outdoors.

What is

Circadian light is a specific bandwidth of light that is received by photoreceptors in your eyes and used to sync your body clock to the solar day. Humans evolved under sunlight, but now we spend most of our days indoors. Modern workplaces lack the circadian light we need to stay aligned. OSIN creates solutions that supplement low levels of indoor light with the right amount of circadian light, helping to realign your body clock and overcome social jet lag. Learn more about the Loop now.


Who are we

We are a team of scientists and technologists determined to improve health and well-being by getting circadian light into as many homes and workplaces as possible. We’re the people who have created Loop!

Introducing Loop

Circadian lighting technology that provides the right amount of light to keep your vital systems in perfect sync.

The Science

What to know more? Take a deeper look at circadian alignment, social jet lag, and the science behind Loop.


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