Light for life.

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Developed by chronobiologists and lighting experts, Loop is a new kind of desk lamp that mimics natural light to support your circadian rhythm. Place one on your desk and just like that you’re getting the precise wavelengths of light when you need them to feel and perform your best.

Shipping September 2022.

Circadian rhythms

Shine a light on your sleep.

Ever feel tired during the day but unable to sleep at night? Humans evolved to use sunlight to keep our sleep cycles in sync. But most lighting is too dim during the day and too bright at night, pushing your circadian rhythm out of alignment.

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Perfect light.
From dawn till dusk.

Loop supports your circadian rhythm naturally by mirroring what’s happening outdoors, so you wake up ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

2x day light

Zero blue light
at night



Easy on the eyes.

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Loop emits 2x the daylight equivalent of standard lighting whilst appearing remarkably comfortable. To achieve this, precisely calibrated LEDs target the light-sensitive eye cells that set the circadian rhythm.

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Loop helps with more than sleep.

As your circadian clock regains its natural rhythm with Loop, you’ll notice some improvements in how you feel. Numerous studies have demonstrated the biological benefits of a healthy circadian rhythm, beyond sleep.

Heart health

Immune system



Advanced tech.
Simple to use.

Loop automatically synchronises its transitions with your timezone when paired with the app.

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Our story

Made in New Zealand

We are a team of scientists and lighting experts who believe everyone deserves healthy light.

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Durable Design

An investment in
your wellbeing.

Thoroughly engineered, and assembled from high-quality materials. Loop is built to be part of your workspace over the long term.


Light on the earth.

Made from 100% recyclable material, the packaging protects the product and the planet.

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