Shining a light on
circadian rhythms

Get in tune with your circadian rhythm for better sleep, mental clarity and improved health with OSIN Loop.




We’ve been hit by a tsunami of generic sleep products, from trackers to eye-masks,
supplements, and oils. Yet so many people are still struggling with sleep.

That's because most of these so-called sleep solutions ignore our underlying circadian
biology. Loop targets your circadian rhythm using precisely calibrated light to improve
sleep and promote physical and mental well-being.

Healthy Sleep

Loop ensures your circadian timing stays in sync with your lifestyle to enhance sleep quality, so you wake up ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

Healthy Body

An aligned circadian rhythm ensures your cardiovascular, immune and metabolic systems are working together for optimal performance.

Healthy Mind

Circadian disruption can leave you feeling jet lagged. Loop helps you find balance to cut through the brain fog and sharpen your mental acuity.

How is your
circadian health?

Complete the online accessment and find out if your circadian rhythm is
misaligned within minutes. Plus you’ll get personalised feedback on how to
optimise your circadian rhythm.


loop features

Loop mimics
natural light

Humans evolved to use the subtle changes in sunlight to sync our circadian rhythms with the natural environment. But we
now spend most of the day indoors, and at night we’re exposed to more light than our ancestors could dream of. Our
circadian rhythm can no longer rely on sunlight alone. Loop mimics precise wavelengths in sunlight to realign your
circadian rhythm.


Timing is everything

Loop synchronises itself to your time zone, so you will always get the right light at the right time.
It transitions automatically between active and passive settings, so you know you’re getting the
light you need.

use anywhere
Designed for
home or office

Whether you work from home or an office, or both, Loop is designed to
fit seemlessly into your workspace.


The team
behind Loop

We are a team of scientists and technologists determined to
improve health and well-being by getting circadian light into as
many homes and worksplaces as possible.

Bring the blue sky
to your desk

Beat social jet lag and enjoy all the mind and body
benefits of a healthy circadian rhythm by having Loop do
its thing in your office or home! Pre-sales are open now.

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loop launch

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Loop will be available for dispatch to customers in March 2022. To be at the front of the queue, register for
Loop pre-sale. We invite innovators and wellness advocates to join Loop’s beta-testing programme now!

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We are looking for early adopters who want to put Loop through its paces and give feedback.


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